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Many new horses available from STOCK AND the various breeders we workwith.
Prices start at £1,500uk up to £50,000uk, and a worldwide door to door service is always available.

We hope to help you admire, evaluate, educate, enthuse and generally adore the Romany Gypsy Horse. Please feel free to browse our pages on this site and our sales pages on our other site.

The Gypsy cob, Romany cob, Gypsy horse, Vanner, Tinker, coloured cob and so on are all the same breed, but named differently, according to where in the world you might live.

We promote the Gypsy Cob across the world, so other horse lovers have the chance to share these incredible horses. A temperament such as theirs may be unknown in almost all other horse breeds, they are know to be placid, calm, dependable, sociable and loving, they are a real pleasure to own, work, ride, drive, show and hang out with !!

They have been carefully and selectively bred for many generations specifically for their calm and gentle nature, as well as their intelligence, versatility, hardiness, dependability and beauty !!

Please browse our history and standard pages as well as our sales pages for beautiful horses available.



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